Wooden Bathtub Designs


Wooden bathtub designs nourish your desire for a long, warm soaking bath. Their curves and contrasting wood tones maintain evoke a sense of charm and elegance even after (and sometimes because of) extended use.

Rustic wooden tubs have the look of the Old West’s watering troughs or whiskey barrels. Modern techniques provide the rustic appearance while preserving vital ease of use.

Actual whiskey barrels can be utilized as wood tubs for very tight spaces. They must be sealed or carefully dried after each bath or shower and a drain must be added.


Craftsmen also create elongated wine barrel designs and reinforce the wooden tubs with metal strips to give the impression of bathing in a barrel. These types of wooden tubs are usually constructed from cedar or cypress woods. Some of the barrel-look tubs may have acrylic interiors.

Elegantly crafted wood tubs can be constructed using shipbuilding techniques to make the tubs waterproof and durable. Each is hand-made, offering numerous customization, style and material choices.

European-style tubs are common selections for wooden tubs in both single and two-person sizes. The curves of these wood tubs give them an antique feel. The smaller tubs are normally 51″ to 60″ long while the two-person tubs may be as long as 90 inches.

Other wooden tubs are styled in the Japanese Ofuro tradition of clean, straight lines. These may be customized for one’s personal space as well.

Because wood tubs are custom-made, their shapes can also be dictated. Consider designs ranging from elliptical seashells to spherical moons to rectangular traditionals.

Native and imported hardwoods establish the color and texture for wooden tubs. The most common woods used are African or Honduran mahogany, walnut, white ash, maple, teak, black walnut, and black cherry. Woods may also be combined to add dramatic visual contrast.

Air jets, backrests and soaking seats deepen the relaxation factor available from wooden tubs. Top rails or subtle carvings can accentuate a tub’s natural beauty.

Self-standing faucets rising from the floor or wall-mount faucets afford a multitude of choices for your wooden tub’s fillers.

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