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April Home Maintenance Checklist

April Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is officially here! And if there’s one thing that spring brings to the home, it’s a refresh. Spring cleaning is likely top-of-mind for most homeowners right now. But, there are few other items you should add to your April to-do list. From getting your garden planted to maintaining your HVAC, these are tasks that […]

March Home Maintenance Checklist

March Home Maintenance Checklist

After a cold winter, it can be thrilling to see the temperatures climb just a bit higher. This might also get you thinking about your spring cleaning. While the weather might not be warm enough for you to relax outside, it could be the perfect time to get a few things done so when the […]

A Conversation with Kermit Baker of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies

What’s the outlook for the remodeling industry? What trends are worth watching? We have our own opinions but thought it would be interesting to hear from a third-party expert.   Kermit Baker is a senior research fellow at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. He is also the project director of the […]

5 Household Products You’ll Never Have To Buy Again

Many of us like to keep a clean and tidy home, but it’s disheartening when you realize how much you have to spend purchasing the necessary products. Analyzing what brands to buy and how much you need of each item is a time-consuming and expensive process.Most of us are too busy to keep track of […]

5 Tricks to Keep Your Pipes from Exploding this Winter

Learn how to prevent your pipes from freezing, even if you think they may already have started to freeze. New homeowners may have heard that winterization is important, but in the hubbub of your first year living in a home you own (finally!), it can be easy to overlook the need to prepare for the […]

Kitchen & Bath Tidbits – Dishwasher Cleaning/Maintenance

Ever feel like your dishwasher just isn’t cleaning like it used to? Finding residue after a wash? We found some great DIY tips at www.homerepairtutor.com. (Take a moment to visit the site and check out photos/video, too.) Remove and unclog spray arms. Refer to your user manual or look online for tips on removing. Once […]