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Double Vanity

Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

If you’re lucky enough that space permits, two sink areas provide great convenience and personal space in shared bathrooms. This way you can both be at the sink doing your thing without having to take turns. Busy lives, large families, tight quarters and individual preference all play a role in whether a double vanity is […]

30 Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

Marble has seen its fair share of creative handling and has become a favorite in many upscale residences throughout the years. Modern bathrooms can surprise you with materials and shapes you never though matched, but also with a fascinating suite of different types of marble cut and shaped into a myriad modern ways. In addition […]

Top Tips for Adding Cabinets in the Bathroom

WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS You’re stuck with a small bathroom. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t fit in everything you need. Where square footage falls short, creative bathroom storage solutions go the extra distance. In a small bathroom, furniture elements like vanities often eat up what little available floor space there is, and they provide […]

Today’s Top 10 Bathroom Trends

Designer TipsEver wonder how top designers create inspired, relaxing retreats for their clients? We asked two—Jill Goldberg of Boston-based Hudson Interior Designs and Kate Singer of Long Island, New York–based Kate Singer Home—to reveal some of the hot trends they're seeing in bathroom design today. Here's what they had to say. Patterned FloorsMosaic tile is [...]

8 Small Bathroom Designs You Should Copy

A master bathroom with a whirlpool tub, a rainfall showerhead, heated floors and his and her sinks is great for some, but oftentimes, space and budget concerns bring most of us back down to earth. Don’t let your small bathroom limit your dreams or creativity. There have been plenty of homeowners and designers who have […]

10 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Architectural DistractionDesigners Mark Edge and Amy Wikman collaborated to turn Mark's narrow yet tall master bathroom into a classic, masculine retreat. By cladding the walls with dark paneling and freeing the sink from closed-in cabinets, they minimize the space's shortcomings and shift focus to its architectural interest. Bold-Colored BathroomAs this 6-foot-by-7-foot Atlanta bathroom demonstrates, sometimes [...]

Our Take on the Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends

We’re finding that many homeowners are trying to create a relaxing, luxurious experience in the bathroom. And that means features like these … Standalone Tubs Whirlpool tubs can be soothing, but they also take up a lot of space and require a fair amount of maintenance to keep clean. And in many homes, they don’t […]

12 Tips for Tiny Bathrooms

If your itty bitty bathroom is ready for a redo, check out these 12 projects that make the most of limited space with clever tricks. Faced with the challenge of a 240-square-foot New York apartment in desperate need of a refresh, architect Tim Seggerman went straight to his toolbox to craft a Nakashima-inspired interior. The […]

Hot Trends in Bathroom Fixtures

Robern Bath Cabinet with TV Here’s one way to make the most of your morning rush. Robern’s two-in-one mirrored cabinet features an 8-inch LCD TV screen tucked into a corner of the door—no need for a freestanding TV or deal with unsightly electrical cords. The screen’s unobtrusive placement allows users to shave or apply makeup […]