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Double bathroom remodel

Designers Tell All: Today’s Top 10 Bathroom Trends

Get the lowdown on today’s most popular bathroom design trends from top designers Jill Goldberg and Kate Singer. By Jean Nayar   Designer Tips Ever wonder how top designers create inspired, relaxing retreats for their clients? We asked two—Jill Goldberg of Boston-based Hudson Interior Designs and Kate Singer of Long Island, New York–based Kate Singer Home—to […]

Divine Bathroom Designs

The vast collections of unique tiles now available on the market should be approached in a similar fashion to how we choose our wallpapers, being the first thought for a room scheme rather than an afterthought; browse until you find a design you truly love and base the rest of your palette and silhouettes around […]

12 Steamy Bathroom Ideas

Modern bathroom remodeling can be summarized in three words: Spa At-Home. Luxury bathrooms are no longer exclusive to expensive hotels or high-end residences, as more and more people are going after this look and feel in their own homes. How can you transform your bathroom into a space where you can relax, let go and […]