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5 Small Bathroom Space-Busters

The bathroom is often the hardest and most expensive room to remodel. Plumbing lines are set so the location of the tub, toilet and sink are fixed. And if the original footprint is small to begin with, there is little that you can do to expand the boundaries without costly renovation. But even if your […]

12 Tips for Tiny Bathrooms

If your itty bitty bathroom is ready for a redo, check out these 12 projects that make the most of limited space with clever tricks. Faced with the challenge of a 240-square-foot New York apartment in desperate need of a refresh, architect Tim Seggerman went straight to his toolbox to craft a Nakashima-inspired interior. The […]

Hot Trends in Bathroom Fixtures

Robern Bath Cabinet with TV Here’s one way to make the most of your morning rush. Robern’s two-in-one mirrored cabinet features an 8-inch LCD TV screen tucked into a corner of the door—no need for a freestanding TV or deal with unsightly electrical cords. The screen’s unobtrusive placement allows users to shave or apply makeup […]

What to Expect in Our Design Showroom – CCI Management Memo

If you’ve ever driven down Mass. Ave. west of Arlington Center, you’ve probably passed Custom’s Kitchen & Bath Design Center. But have you ever stopped in for a visit? Having a design center sets us apart from nearly every other home remodeler in the area. Here, you can see and touch many of the products […]