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management-memoThere’s one thing we admire about kitchen and bath showrooms: their advertising budgets.

These days, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing commercials from these showrooms. They make big promises, like “A complete kitchen for $3,999!” It sounds great. Until you take a closer look.

The fact is, most showrooms specialize in one thing: selling cabinets and countertops. But once they’ve made the sale, you’re on your own. And that creates all sorts of problems for unsuspecting homeowners.

Putting Cart Before the Horse
We hate to hear about people who start kitchen remodeling projects by purchasing cabinets at a showroom.

Here’s how the process typically works: You see some cabinets you like and put down a deposit. Before you leave, the salesperson hands you a plan and tells you to fi nd a contractor to handle the installation. Now you have to choose a contractor before the cabinets are delivered in six to eight weeks.

We believe this is a clear case of putting the horse before the cart. After all, at this point, you don’t have answers to important questions like:

• Will the cabinets fit in with the overall layout and design of your kitchen?
• How much will it cost to get the cabinets installed?
• What other work — e.g. flooring, electricity, plumbing — will need to be completed during the installation?

These are the types of questions you need answered before you
buy cabinets — not after.

It’s Not So Simple
Installing cabinets isn’t a simple case of ripping out the old ones and putting in the new ones. So whether you eventually hire Custom or someone else, you should start your project by speaking with a full-service design/build contractor that specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling.

A qualified design/build contractor will handle all aspects of your
project, such as:
• Designing and drawing plans for the renovation
• Determining and managing the budget
• Assisting with all necessary product selection
• Supplying and installing all products
• Applying for a permit and managing any code requirements
• Managing material deliveries and trade professionals’ schedules
• Ensuring adherence to deadlines

At Custom, we’ve completed countless kitchen renovations since
1990 and can call on our historical data to quickly give you an idea
of budget. In addition, we offer cabinet and countertop pricing that
almost always beats the showrooms — and we include all those other services listed above.

Unlike the showrooms, we know about everything that goes into kitchen and bath remodels, from state and local building codes to electricity, plumbing and insulation. And we can assign the right
team to your project, including our Certified Lead Carpenters,
Certified Remodelers, kitchen designer and office staff along with
our professional trade partners.

The bottom line: If you want to visit a showroom to check
out cabinets, countertops or other products, go right ahead.
When it comes time to make the purchase, however, go with an
experienced design/build contractor who will get the work done



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