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Small Additions That Make A Big Impact On Your Home

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Many of us have reached the place where we just need more space in our home. Some daydream of what it would be like to have a bigger bathroom to enjoy at the end of a long day. Others, would love just a little more room in the kitchen to cozy up to a cup of coffee in the morning. Whatever the reason, once you start looking into home additions, you may stop in your tracks. On top of the high cost, a home addition can be very invasive to your lifestyle.

It’s time to rethink the average home addition. There are a few less costly and invasive options that could give you the space you’ve been dreaming about for so long. To help, here are a few answers to frequently asked questions about micro-additions and bump-outs.


Second Level Bump Out

What’s A Micro-Addition?

A micro-addition, sometimes referred to as a bump out, is a way for homeowners to add just a little more space to a desired room. A micro-addition is very versatile and can be a valuable extension to any room in the home. These small expansions add useable living space to a room and floorplan, resulting in a more comfortable home and increasing your ROI.

Because there is typically no need to lay foundation or install HVAC, a micro-addition tends to be cheaper than a traditional home addition. This tends to entice many homeowners. But be advised, a mirco-addition will not have the same dramatic results as a room addition. It’s not the addition of a new room, but rather an expansion of an existing room by a few feet. For those in need of a new room, a micro-addition will not be the answer.

Bathroom Addition

What Are The Benefits?

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of a bump-out is the cost. In traditional addition construction, there are many parts to create a new room. Because the micro-addition is expanding on work that is already in place, it’s likely you won’t need as many new updates, such as HVAC. If you’re looking to include lighting or a new outlet, you’ll need an electrician and for bathroom bump-outs, you’ll need a plumber. Often, these bump-outs don’t use your existing roof, but have their own flat roof, eliminating costs of a roof extension. But, you’re still significantly cutting costs by expanding a room. It also increases living space, which can have value when you decide to sell.

Another benefit is that it’s less invasive on your home. Often, whole room addition can put out an entire family for some time. There’s the concern about dust and debris into other areas, not to mention pros in and out. While an entire room addition can be a great thing, it’s a commitment that your household will have to make for a specified amount of time.

Finally, a micro-addition has minimal impact on your home’s exterior. It’s are easy to blend in with your existing design and yard space.

Ground Floor Bump Out

Where Will It Make A Difference?

You may be asking yourself now where you could use a small extension in your home. While there are many places you can bump-out, here are a few ideas you’re sure to enjoy.

Bathroom Addition

Many small bathrooms can benefit from a micro-addition. You’d be surprised at what just a difference it can make. Consider this space for a new soaking tub or large shower.

Kitchen Addition

If there are too many cooks in the kitchen, it might be time to add a little space. A kitchen bump-out can increase your cooking space. A small addition can become that cozy breakfast nook you’ve always dreamed of.

Living Room Addition

A living room micro-addition can be the perfect amount for your living room. Transform your space into a home theater or use this small nook as a home office.

Bedroom Addition

I’m sure everyone could use more storage space in their bedroom. A micro-addition can be the perfect solution. Turn this new space into his and hers closets that or a new window to brighten up your bedroom.

Living Room Bump Out



A micro-addition is a great solution for any family looking to expand their home, but not wanting to spend a fortune.

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