The Return of Custom Showers

With homeowners spending more on their bathroom renovations, custom showers are gaining favor once again. What are homeowners looking to achieve in these projects? Enlarging the shower is a common goal. Here are five other items commonly found on our customers’ lists.

Custom Shower Remodel Ideas A Clear Improvement

We rarely install framed shower units anymore. Instead, our showers often feature frameless glass that hangs on special hinges. Also, semi-frameless glass units have come a long way in the last couple years. They’re similarly priced to framed units but have a more streamlined look. A bonus: Recent improvements in glass coatings are making showers easier to clean.

  The Return of Custom ShowersFrom Whirlpools to Air Tubs

Having a nice, deep soaker tub is an irresistible luxury for some. These days we’re installing more air tubs, which are different than whirlpool tubs.

Whirlpools recirculate water using a motor, so they require a great deal of maintenance to keep clean. Air tubs, in contrast, pump air into the water via tubes that line the bottom of the tub. Water is automatically forced out of the tubes soon after you’re done, so there’s much less maintenance. You can even use soaps and body oils that are typically off limits in whirlpools.

Custom Shower RemodelerActually, We’d Prefer a Shower

On the other hand, replacing a tub with a shower often appeals to homeowners who are looking to spend their golden years in their current house. Walking into a shower with a small curb is a lot easier — and less dangerous — than stepping over the tall ledge of a tub.




 Custom Shower with a seatTake a Load Off

Benches are another enhancement particularly appealing to older homeowners. We’re putting in everything from small corner benches to those spanning four feet across.

A Place to Store Your Stuff

When it comes to shower shelving, we’ve seen big improvements in the quality of premade products. You now have more options for walls featuring built-in recessed shelving units, which are less difficult to install — and completely waterproof.

Your home is an investment. Don’t toy with your investment by getting in over your head on bathrooom remodeling projects. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 781-648-2835.




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