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Bill Farnsworth & Scott BlainAs you can tell, large-scale home renovations are the theme of this issue of our newsletter. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain why Custom is particularly well-qualified to handle this size of a project.

First and foremost, experience really matters. And Custom has been remodeling area homes for nearly 25 years. Our experience comes into play in countless ways.

For example, we can walk you through all the important questions you should be considering. What are your key goals? How do you prioritize these goals? How long do you plan to live in the home? Answering questions like these can shed light on what type of remodeling solution is right for you. (Or, perhaps, whether you’re better off selling the house and moving instead.)

Budget is another important factor to weigh. Having completed hundreds of remodeling projects since 1990, we can call on historical data to give you quick, accurate estimates of what various types of work will cost. That means fewer surprises in the form of additional costs once the project is underway.

Experience and a Great Team

If you choose to proceed with a large-scale renovation / addition, our experience continues to be useful. Both president Bill Farnsworth and general manager Scott Blain are skilled in drawing up project plans, sometimes eliminating the need to hire an architect (as the homeowners in this issue’s Client Spotlight discovered).

Our in-house design expertise is another valuable asset, as we can guide you through kitchen and bath layout and cabinet and countertop selections. (On that note, we’re also a direct supplier of two kitchen and bath cabinet lines, allowing for one-stop shopping.)  Our Certi-fie Lead Carpenters, meanwhile, are skilled not only in carpentry, but also in managing even the biggest remodeling projects. And they’re supported by a network of talented trade partners, meaning we can cover everything that goes into your project — electricity, plumbing, roofing painting and more.

Lastly, we have a large office staff at our headquarters on Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington Heights. From a project coordinator who can assist with product selection to a receptionist ready to put you in touch with the right team member, we’re strongly committed to great customer service — for projects big and small.

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Custom Contracting, Inc. 1267A Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, MA 02476 Phone: 781-648-2835 Fax: 781-648-0907 Email: cci@custom-contracting.com

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