Project Description

After inspecting our work on the Terrys’ kitchen, Elena and Mike decided to give us a closer look. Having recently had a bad experience with another contractor, they liked the fact that we’re an established business with an office in Arlington.

“That was really appealing,” said Elena. “It was good to know they have an infrastructure and an office staff, and that they’d be there for the long run.”

Saying Goodbye to the Dining Room

Since moving into their home in 1996, Elena and Mike have overseen a number of renovations. The last rooms on their list were the kitchen and dining room.

Like many homeowners today, Elena and Mike wanted to repurpose their formal dining room. It wasn’t getting much use, other than serving as a repository for the kids’ school projects. Their goal was to use that space to create a large, open kitchen with plenty of room for the family (including three kids) and friends to spend time together.

After taking down a wall and gutting the two rooms down to the studs, we rebuilt the kitchen. The room now features ample white cabinetry, tasteful crackle-finish tile backsplash, beautifully patterned granite countertops and new appliances including refrigerator, dishwasher, electric oven, gas cooktop and exhaust hood. Prefinished white oak floors complete the kitchen.

Elena loves the centerpiece of the new kitchen: the island. “We sit around the island all the time,” she said. “Overall, the kitchen is just a brighter, nicer place to be. It’s become a great hangout space, and we find ourselves spending a lot of time in here.”

Kudos for Jay and Nikki

One of Elena and Mike’s other favorite enhancements is the new set of built-in storage shelves behind four custom cabinet doors, installed courtesy of lead carpenter Jay Carr.

“Jay was not only a terrific carpenter, he was a pleasure to have around,” said Elena. “Every night, Mike and I would come home and walk through the space, and many mornings we’d ask Jay questions about work that had been done the day before. He was always willing to answer all of the questions and also did a great job keeping us up-to-date on the project schedule.”

Our interior designer, Nicole DeFelice, was another big asset during this project. She worked extensively with Elena and Mike on kitchen layout, and her suggestion to place the sink along the back wall has improved the flow of the entire downstairs.

Nikki also advised Elena and Mike on cabinet, tile and granite selections. “She was great to work with, and she had some terrific ideas,” said Elena. “She was very helpful in saying what would work or not – we don’t have that kind of experience.”

“Our overall satisfaction with the project is very high,” Elena added. “I’d highly recommend Custom on all counts.”

Project Details

Client The Langlois Home
Location Winchester, MA