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Bill Farnsworth & Scott BlainAt Custom, our job is to see you through all aspects of your home remodeling project, from concept through construction. Most aspects of our work are covered in our standard contract, but some carry additional charges.

Two areas in particular — product selection and interior design/decorating — are a source of confusion for some clients. Here, we’ll try to clarify matters.

Included in Our Typical Contract:

Basic Product Selection

Our team features experts on all aspects of product selection. Kitchen and bath designer Nikki DeFelice assists with design, layout and selection of cabinets and counters — and can also give valuable feedback on appliances. Project coordinator Michael Daniell often helps with selection of plumbing fixtures and tiles.

Furthermore, we’ve built relationships with trusted suppliers for appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures, tiles and more. Expert in their respective fields with vast product knowledge, they can offer input on style, performance, layout, installation, color, etc. When we refer you to one of our suppliers, we also give them all of your project details. As a result, they have the information they need to guide you in making product selections.

The bottom line: Between our internal team and our network of experienced suppliers, we deliver all the design-related services that 95% of our clients need. In the process, we save you the thousands of dollars that would otherwise go toward hiring an interior designer.

Not Included in Our Typical Contract:

Intensive Interior Design & Product Selection

Sometimes clients need more intensive, one-on-one assistance with interior design and/or product selection. Since this falls outside the scope of the contract, we include an interior design consultation agreement.

Interior design encompasses things like product color, designing tile layout/pattern, paint colors, plumbing fixture finishes, lighting style/function and flooring patterns. (Decisions involving tiles and paint colors can be particularly time-consuming for some clients.)

As part of this arrangement, we assign our interior designer, who is available for consultation visits at your home or at offsite vendors. Services may also include phone consultations, product research, re-view of vendor websites, etc. We bill $90 an hour for these additional interior design services.

We hope we’ve cleared things up. But if you have any questions what-soever, don’t hesitate to call us at 781-648-2835.



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