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Scott Blain, General Manager
Scott Blain, General Manager
William Farnsworth, President
William Farnsworth, President

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recently cited “phased remodeling” as a hot trend. Rather than saving up for one large project, some homeowners are opting for a series of remodels that take place over months or even years.

At Custom Contracting, many of our clients already prefer this approach for two key reasons: money and stress.

Money. Not everyone can afford to budget for a major remodeling project (especially if you just bought your home). By breaking the work into several smaller projects, you can spread out the costs over time, save up more money and maybe even find funding sources. Better yet, in a down market like today’s, it’ll likely cost you less to hire a general contractor.

Stress. A major remodel can last months. If you can live somewhere outside of your home, this prospect might not seem too daunting. But if you’re staying put, it might be nicer to give your family some brief respites from the construction by scheduling multiple phases.

We’re All for It

At Custom Contracting, we’re big fans of phased remodeling. First of all, taking on a series of projects goes hand in hand with our goal of forming long-term relationships with our clients.

Phased remodeling also ties in with our holistic approach toward home maintenance, care and improvements. We see the house as a whole system with countless interrelated parts — and offer a wide range of services to address these various needs and protect your investment.

For example, many clients decide to start by having us tackle exterior projects (e.g. roofing, windows, doors). Then we look for opportunities to enhance the interior (e.g. renovating the kitchen or bathrooms). Finally, we create new living space by building an addition.

Whenever possible, we prefer that homeowners let us know if phasing is in their plans. This knowledge allows us to do certain things that lay the groundwork for future projects.

Suppose we’re working on your kitchen, located directly below a bathroom that you want to remodel a year from now. While renovating the kitchen, we can make the bathroom job go smoother by preparing the plumbing lines in advance.

Does the idea of phased remodeling appeal to you? Feel free to call us any time to discuss the possibilities. 781-648-2835



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