Making More of the Space You Have

attic Renovation, ConversionFrom our perspective, homeowners seem a bit more optimistic about the economy these days. But for the most part, the prospect of committing to a major addition is still making people nervous.

For that reason, we’re hearing from a lot of homeowners interested in renovating within their home’s footprint. At Custom Contracting, we have ample experience doing just that.

Repurposing existing space can be a cost effective way to create that office, playroom, laundry room, extra bedroom or additional space that you crave. Sound appealing to you? Then read on …

Why Experience Matters
An experienced design/build home remodeler like Custom can help you choose the best solution for meeting your remodeling goals — which also means eliminating options that aren’t viable.

For example, if you want to create more usable space, a logical first step is to look at an unfinished attic or basement. Finishing one of these areas can add significantly to your usable space. However, you should factor in possible roadblocks.
Being aware of your community’s building codes is a must for any remodeling project. Some issues that you and your general contractor should explore with an attic or basement:
• What are the means of egress (exit)?
• Is there sufficient square footage of window surface?
• Is there enough headroom?

Outside of codes, proper insulation, electricity and plumbing, heating and cooling sources are other big considerations for both attics and basements. Attics may require building dormers or a stairway, while basements frequently have water issues that must be addressed.

Beyond the Attic & Basement
Let’s say neither your attic nor your basement is a good fit for your project. It may take some creativity to figure out where to go from there.

At Custom, our 23 years of experience can really help in this regard. We can provide guidance on whether your garage might work as a home office, whether your porch could be transformed into a family room or whether that wall could come down to combine
your kitchen and dining room.

Sometimes creativity means finding new uses for areas that you don’t currently use. Take that awkward corner in the dining room or that spot under the stairway. One of those just might be the perfect location for a small closet or a stackable laundry unit. Little touches like these can help you get the most out of your existing space.

Also be sure to factor in your outdoor space. Adding a patio or deck can help pull your home’s exterior into its interior — and cost less on a per-square-foot basis than typical indoor renovations.

A well-executed renovation can meet your goals for repurposing existing space while fitting your budget and boosting your home’s value. If you have a project like this in mind, please call Custom today at 781-648-2835.



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