Kitchen Cabinet Tips: Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Your Wood Cabinets

Wood Cabinet CareDo: Dust cabinets frequently with a soft lint-free cloth.

Do: Wipe spills promptly using a dry cloth with a “blotting” motion. Use a solution of mild soap and water if necessary to remove oil, grease or daily spills. Be sure to promptly dry with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth.

Do: Polish, if needed, once or twice a year with a light coat of quality cream furniture polish.

Don’t: Expose to excessive heat and moisture. Avoid draping wet towels over cabinet doors.

Don’t: Attach towel racks to door interiors or place coffee or tea makers where the steam will directly impact cabinet surfaces. Immediately dry off any areas where water has spilled.

Don’t: Use ammonia-based cleaners, soaps with dye, scouring pads, steel wool or powdered cleaners. These harsh abrasives can mar the wood finish. Also avoid the use of paste wax and polishes that contain silicone; the wax build-up is difficult to remove and will leave a residue that attracts dust.

Wood products and their finish are only as good as the care they receive. Keeping these things in mind will help extend the life and beauty of your fine wood cabinetry.

Information taken from Bertch and Shiloh websites.


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