Kitchen & Bath Tidbits – Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaners

Want to keep your kitchen clean in a natural way? Here are our top 8 tips, as adapted from Reader’s Digest.

Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaners


Soda in the garbage disposal
If you have a clog in your disposal, pour some room-temperature soda (preferably cola) down the drain to get rid of the gunk. Once the soda stops fizzing, flush with hot water.


Baking soda and vinegar for clogs
Why bother with commercial cleaners for sink clogs? Instead, pour a half cup of baking soda down the drain, and then a cup of white vinegar. Wait a few minutes before flushing with hot water.

Ketchup for the oven
If you’ve got a stain in the oven that won’t go away, ketchup can help. Set the oven to a low temperature, then squirt a little ketchup on the problem area, scrub it in and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it up, and you’ll be all set.


Toothpaste for the walls
If your kitchen walls are dirty, head to the bathroom for the toothpaste.] (Make sure it’s the non-gel variety.) After squirting a little on the spot, scrub the wall with a brush and rinse it with water.


Orange peels for water spots
Water spots on the metal faucet and gunk building up in the sink: Believe it or not, you can use orange peels to eliminate both.


Hydrogen peroxide for germs
One part hydrogen peroxide + one part water = no more germs. A much gentler disinfectant than bleach. Mix some up in a spray bottle and keep it on hand at all times.


Salt for sponges and more
Is your kitchen sponge looking nasty? Soak it overnight in a quart of water with a quarter cup of salt mixed in. Salt is also great for cleaning coffee pots and mugs.


Lemon in the refrigerator
Lemons not only smell nice, but also can get rid of stubborn odors. If your fridge needs some refreshing, put a cotton ball dabbed in lemon juice on one of the shelves. Your problem will be solved in a couple hours.




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