Kitchen & Bath Tidbits – Caring for Granite Countertops

Caring for Granite CountertopsGranite countertops are among the most popular countertops these days. Not only do they look exquisite, but they’re also very durable and rather resistant to scratches and stains. With the right care and maintenance, they’ll look like new for many years.

Here are a few key ways to care for your granite countertops:

• Spills have the potential to soak into the surface, so be sure to  wipe them up right away.

• Use neutral cleaners like gentle dish washing liquid or stone soap

• and warm water. Be sure to use a soft, clean cloth to wash and  rinse, followed by drying with a soft, dry cloth.

• Use heat pads to protect surface from hot items.

• If staining does occur, removal will depend on the type of stain. There are several pastes and poultices you can use to help lift the stain. These usually are applied, left overnight and removed the next day. (Check with your stone fabricator for which option  would be most effective for the stain type.)

• Granite countertops typically need resealing every two or three • years. Ask the installer for a recommendation for your type of  granite.

• Make sure any product you use is safe to apply to granite. Always test first on a small, discrete spot for damage or color fastness

And should a problem arise that you can’t handle on your own, always seek the help of a professional!



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