Ice Dams – Beware and Be Wary



We have worked in many 100 year old plus homes that have had numerous ice dams and leaks over their lifetime. We have removed many old horsehair plaster walls and ceilings that have had leaks from ice dams over the years. We have removed lots of fiberglass insulation that was wet and then dried with no mold issue. We very rarely find a mold problem when we are doing renovations. Houses dry around here and mold only grow and stay alive with the constant feed of moisture such as people venting there bath vents into there attic. I have had a handful of our clients calling in tears because an insurance adjuster just showed up with a moisture meter and wanted to remove 3/4 of all there exterior walls just because they got wet. I have been remodeling homes for 25 years and have never seen the kind of fear that insurance adjusters and accident restoration companies are causing with their magic moisture meters and mold scare tactics. The big question that I cannot answer. When you take this big settlement will you be un-insurable. Many of the adjusters working now are here temporarily have come up from down south where mold is a problem.
Beware and be wary.

William Farnsworth


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Custom Contracting, Inc. 1267A Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, MA 02476 Phone: 781-648-2835 Fax: 781-648-0907 Email:

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