Why Everyone Needs to Make Their Home Green

It’s time to get back to nature. Can’t you sense that the world is craving it?  When we look around it certainly seems that we hunger for a more natural way of living. Take for example the natural goods that are showing up everywhere in our lives, from the whole foods that line the shelves of grocery stores, to the recycling programs that local cities pump loads of money and effort into.

Going green is not only trendy, but we dare to guess that it is the new way of life— a way of life that is here to stay. If you have not already hopped onto the green bandwagon, then it is time to learn a few things about living a sustainable life. Here we discuss the key reasons that EVERYONE needs to make their home a bit more green.

Whether you are already living in a LEED certified home, or you are still struggling to change your bulbs to LED ones, you will surely find some great tips here. Let’s discuss the many ways that green is gorgeous!

Cost Savings

Always after your own heart, we will first get down to the nitty gritty of money. It’s a fact: selfishly, you should go green if for no other reason than to save some green, cash that is.

While there are a lot of money-saving claims, with some being disappointing to say the least, there truly are some green measures that can save you hundreds of dollars per year. For example, if you live in a “normal” home that was not built with high-effieciency green technologies/materials, then you can save up to $570 per year by performing a simple energy audit. Now that is big savings!

Here are the steps that you can take to perform your own energy audit to start saving money now:

  • Seal and caulk all your doors and windows
  • Install a programmable thermostat (saving you beaucoup bucks on your electricity bill)
  • Add insulation to walls, ceilings and attics (saving you lots on your home heating bill)
  • Install a water barrel to collect and reuse rain water

 Green Homes Have Character

Aesthetically, green homes are chock-full of character. Between the reclaimed wood floors, the hand-hewn wooden beams, and all those reclaimed architectural windows/doors/trims— a green home simply oozes charm and character that one cannot attain through normal building standards.

What could be better than attaining the character and charm of an older home, without all the hassle of owning an old home. Even if a rustic-style kitchen doesn’t suit your modern flair, you can still enjoy added character in a minimalist home by simply adding those modern architectural elements that suit your style.

A modern home can easily go green (and have plenty of character) via concrete floors (which are very green, by the way), or by using reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets that have been polished and stained to a shine, or by using reclaimed light fixtures that have a steam punk style (as featured in the image below). Regardless of style, green homes have added character and charm that is unbeatable and certain to increase your homes value.

modern kitchen wood beams

 Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Good Housekeeping magazine cited a study that showed the average homeowner buys a power tool and uses it for only half an hour in its lifetime. Wouldn’t it be better to simply borrow your neighbors power tool or reuse an old one? This is one simple example of how reusing and recycling can save a homeowner cold hard cash.

By reusing an item, we save money and save natures precious resources. Imagine how many trees could be saved by reclaiming old barn boards and using them in your homes flooring. Or how landfills could be reduced by purchasing modern plastic chairs that were derived from recycled bottles.

There are so many ways that you can live a greener, more sustainable life—saving you money and saving the worlds resources simultaneously.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Did you know that a typical home produces twice the amount of pollution that a car produces in a year? It’s a simple fact—Green homes are better for you (and for the environment).

Have you ever heard of sick building syndrome? It is a real thing—a homes poor air-quality can actually make you sick. Here are some of the key reasons/ways that a green home can increase your health and safety:

  • Better ventilation and air recycling
  • Significantly less mold
  • More air-tight and sturdier building
  • Ample natural lighting (reducing depression)
  • Significantly less toxins, glues and harmful fumes

red craftsman home

As you can see, there are many reasons to go green. Why wouldn’t you want to try for a greener home when you can save money, improve your quality of life, help the environment, and add value to your home?

Follow these helpful hints to see how much money you can save by year-end. If you already consider yourself quite green, then what else can you do within your home to become even more sustainable? Or maybe you can reach out and help your neighbors go green.

Do you live a green life? What do you do within your four walls to keep it green?

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