Helpful Homeowner Tips – Try a Paint Pen!

A genius way to correct paint scratches

Slobproof! Paint Pen

So you’ve just painted your accent wall a stunning shade of tangerine tango, only to promptly nick it with the corner of an end table. You could schlep down to the basement, lug up the half-empty Benjamin Moore can and try your hand at fixing the damage. Or you could embrace our newest obsession: the Slobproof! Paint Pen ($20 for two).

Essentially a space-efficient alternative to holding on to old paint cans, the Slobproof! pen lets you store a small amount of color for easy, mess-free touch-ups.

The way it works is remarkably easy (and bear with us if we sound like an infomercial here): Remove the brush top and fill the pen with paint, using the handy syringe provided. Next, snap the brush into place and dot gently over all the dents and scratches that need correcting. Finally, replace the cap and stash the pen in a drawer for the next time you need a quick paint-job fix.

In addition to the freedom to toss those bulky paint cans, we love the pen’s accuracy for negotiating intricate corners and tiny dings.

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