Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui

The ancient art of Feng Shui views clutter as “unfinished business” and hinders forward moving progress in your life. Less is more, is a great motto. Storing too many items will also stop the flow of positive energy. With this said, remove the clutter from under your bed and keep the items on your bedside table to a minimum to allow your chi to flow. The idea is to allow energy to flow, not stop the energy in its tracks with clutter. Try to redecorate that side table. A vase of flowers, a photo that makes you smile, a lamp, and a book. Shutting your closet door will change the flow of energy as well.


Remove items that you may cause negative memories; coffee table, bedside table, framed art, etc. Removing negativity is step one for the flow of energy and the rebirth of your spiritual sanctuary. If you are in the market to buy something new, replace or refurbish something, look for furniture that has smooth lines. Square corners are considered to have “pointed energy” and Feng Shui believes the negative vibes will be “pointed” at you. Softening your side table will help with the balance of energy. Add a piece of linen as a runner that reminds you of the trip you took, re-pot a favorite plant and savor the energy you create.


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