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2019 Window & Door Trends

The Latest in Window & Door Trends

Windows and doors are the first impression of your home. They can enhance both the exterior and interior of your home drastically. However, old windows and doors can be an eyesore and might be costing you money. If it’s time for an upgrade, make 2019 the year to replace your older windows, doors, or hardware. […]

When Should Windows Be Replaced

When Should Windows Be Replaced?

The windows in your home are important. They provide a source of air, but they also provide a source of protection from the elements and help to keep the heat in the home. They also prevent the cold air from escaping in the summer months. With properly insulated windows, you’ll actually save on heating and […]

Renovations That Pay You Back

8 Renovations That Pay You Back

Conventional wisdom holds that upgrades and improvements will enhance a home’s value. But some improvements are better—and more cost-effective—investments than others. Contrary to what you might imagine, some of the most worthwhile projects also are the most economical. Start charting your home improvement course now by considering some of the projects with the biggest payoffs. […]

Client Spotlight: The Harris-Crocombe Home

Marla Harris and Richard Crocombe have lived in their Winchester home since 1997. They were never happy with their kitchen but decided that a major renovation would be too disruptive while they still had kids around. Once their youngest son went off to college, they decided it was time. The couple first heard about Custom […]

The Bottom Line on Windows and Doors

Looking to install new windows or doors? Like many homeowners, you might find this process to be completely over-whelming. We’ve put together some key questions to help you get started. Why are you replacing your windows or doors? Ask yourself these questions so you know what goals you want to achieve: • Are your doors […]

Know Your House: Interior Door Parts and Styles

A pet peeve of mine is to walk into a modern or contemporary or Arts and Crafts or Mediterranean or any other style of home only to find the ubiquitous six-panel door everywhere. It’s as if the entire world shifted from the 1950s flat-slab door to the colonial six-panel door and forgot everything else. Maybe […]

Windows & Doors: It’s About the Looks, Too

              We all know about the energy efficiency benefits of replacing old windows and doors with new ones. It’s a sure-fire way to save on heating bills and stay more comfortable in the winter. But in all the hoopla about tax credits and Energy Star ratings, we sometimes forget […]