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See a House Transform from Start to Finish with this remodel

Sometimes we need to think outside the box…in this case, way outside. These homeowners needed more square footage, but didn’t have a level lot to work with. Without extending the existing basement, we added a full-length addition, including a deck, on high tech screw pile footings. The deck stairs lead down to a stone patio […]

Top 10 steps to prepare for a remodel

May is National Home Improvement Month. What can a homeowner do to prepare for a remodel? Here is a top 10 list of steps homeowners should take before breaking ground on their next remodel.   Research your project. Taking time to research projects on the Internet and will provide a good sense of what […]

The Challenges of Creating a Project Timeline

CCI Q&A: The Challenges of Creating a Project Timeline

Production manager Craig Lielasus explains what goes into creating a project timeline — and how we and our customers can use this valuable tool. At what point in the process do you begin working on the timeline? As soon as the initial deposit comes in, project coordinator Michael Daniell and I get started. We review […]

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Planning Your Remodel’s Scope of Work

Planning a kitchen remodel includes finding your style, searching for a professional and determining the scope of work and your budget. This ideabook focuses on that last element. Scope of work is the term used to describe the basic parameters of a project. Are you planning an addition or do you want to move the […]

Taking a Look at Phased Remodeling – CCI Management Memo

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recently cited “phased remodeling” as a hot trend. Rather than saving up for one large project, some homeowners are opting for a series of remodels that take place over months or even years. At Custom Contracting, many of our clients already prefer this approach for two key […]