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Buying a Home With an Eye to Renovate

Buying a Home with an Eye to Renovate

You know the old saying, “There are three things that matter in real estate: location, location, location.” And for Arlington’s Sally Royce and Craig Hunter, location certainly did matter. Their 1922 colonial sits on a corner lot with an expansive view of lower Mystic Lake. It’s a quiet spot; in fact, a large cemetery abuts […]

2017 Kitchen Countertop & Backsplash Trends

 Your kitchen says a lot about your style. There are many elements that work together to create your look. You must consider colors, finishes and materials used. Your countertop and backsplash are two kitchen focal points that greatly impact your kitchen décor. Don’t let your outdated backsplash and countertops impact your kitchen décor. There are […]

Client Spotlight – The Druy/Rothman Home

When Mark Druy and Johanna Rothman decided their two-story colonial didn’t fit their lifestyle anymore, they came up with an unconventional solution. Custom Contracting helped the couple make it work. Mark and Johanna had called Arlington home for 26 years and didn’t want to live anywhere else. What they wanted was a house that had […]

The Return of Custom Showers

With homeowners spending more on their bathroom renovations, custom showers are gaining favor once again. What are homeowners looking to achieve in these projects? Enlarging the shower is a common goal. Here are five other items commonly found on our customers’ lists.  A Clear Improvement We rarely install framed shower units anymore. Instead, our showers […]

Flooring Options for Every Taste & Budget

Whether you’re planning a major addition or just renovating a single room, you have to factor in flooring. In order to simplify the process, we’ve broken your flooring options into four categories — here’s what project coordinator Michael Daniell had to say about each. Traditional Flooring “Hardwood floors — typically white or red oak — […]

Client Spotlight – Kitchen & Dining Room Remodel

The Magill/Dohan Home Marion Magill and Marc Dohan had one major frustration with their Arlington colonial: They didn’t have the space to host big family events. All that changed thanks to a renovation we completed early last year, as Marion reported in December. “We just had 17 people for ‘day after Thanksgiving’ dinner – both […]

Kitchen & Dining Room Remodel in Winchester, MA

The Langlois Home After inspecting our work on the Terrys’ kitchen, Elena and Mike decided to give us a closer look. Having recently had a bad experience with another contractor, they liked the fact that we’re an established business with an office in Arlington. “That was really appealing,” said Elena. “It was good to know […]