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Unlock the Potential of Your Basement

Additional living space: It’s something many of us want in our homes. If the inquiries we’re receiving at Custom are any indication, more and more homeowners see remodeling the basement as part of the solution. Transforming a basement into a family room is probably the most common goal. But there are plenty of other outcomes, […]

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Maximize Your Remodeling Dollar

The average American is said to move every five to seven years. As that statistic suggests, you would be wise to think carefully about how you spend your renovation dollars. The odds are that in the not-so-distant future, you will be trying to recoup your expenditure when you’re getting ready to move on to your […]

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How to Increase Home Value with Smart Renovations

Conventional wisdom holds that upgrades and improvements will enhance a home’s value. But some improvements are better—and more cost-effective—investments than others. Contrary to what you might imagine, some of the most worthwhile projects also are the most economical. Start charting your home improvement course now by considering some of the projects with the biggest payoffs. […]

Is a Mother-in-Law Suite Right for You?

Is a Mother-in-Law Suite Right for You?

Sure, you may not have planned for your elderly parents to one day live with you and your family. What if you don’t have the space? What if you can’t afford to move them into a retirement or care facility? If you haven’t looked into a home with a mother-in-law suite, perhaps you should take […]

Is a Large-Scale Renovation / Addition Right for You?

You like your neighbors. You like the community, including the schools. It’s a good commute to work. But while you’re attached to your home in many ways, it needs major work. What do you do — move or stay where you are? And if you stay where you are, do you tear down the house […]

Client Spotlight: The Powell-Hollebone Home – Basement renovation & Winery Creation

The Powell-Hollebone Home Noel, a chemist by day, is CEO and winemaker at Aaronap Cellars. The company handcrafts wines from harvest to bottle, and he plans to release the first products in spring 2014. It’s the fulfillment of a longtime dream. “I got introduced to wine while going to grad school in California. My friends […]

Taking on More Than You Can Handle? – CCI Management Memo

            If you have the patience and the know-how, you’re probably well-equipped to tackle a variety of home remodeling jobs. You may want to think twice, however, before undertaking major projects in two spaces: the attic and the basement. Remodeling an attic or basement involves a number of challenges that […]

Making More of the Space You Have

From our perspective, homeowners seem a bit more optimistic about the economy these days. But for the most part, the prospect of committing to a major addition is still making people nervous. For that reason, we’re hearing from a lot of homeowners interested in renovating within their home’s footprint. At Custom Contracting, we have ample […]

What to Know Before Remodeling Your Attic or Basement

With the current state of the economy, we’re getting many calls about attic and basement renovations. It seems homeowners are more likely to stay put and make the most of the space they currently have. Interestingly, attics and basements are perhaps the two most common projects that homeowners will tackle on their own — or […]