Cabinet Door Samples Now on Display at Custom

We now have almost 30 cabinet door samples on display at our Residential Remodeling Center.

Have you seen our Residential Remodeling Center (RRC) lately? We’ve  installed a large collection of cabinet door samples spread out among two kitchen displays and one bathroom display.

In addition to almost 30 door samples and three displays, you can check out an assortment of cabinetry hardware and accessories. Our intention is to help our clients get all the information they need to make selections for their kitchen, bathroom or other rooms.

 Please note: The RRC is not a retail store. Homeowners can only buy cabinets through Custom Contracting if they hire us for their remodeling project.
We recently spoke with Custom Contracting designer Nikki DeFelice about our cabinetry collection
We recently spoke with Custom Contracting designer Nikki DeFelice about our cabinetry collection


Q: What’s the motivation behind stocking the RRC with all these cabinets?

A: In the past, I’d go to a client’s house and we’d review photos from books, magazines or cabinet spec books. But many clients still had a tough time visualizing the cabinets.


Now, clients who come in to the RRC can actually touch the cabinets, see the style, wood species and finish up close, and view photos of our past projects. It’s very helpful to have all that, and clients feel much more comfortable about what they’re getting.

Q: Should most clients be able to find a cabinet they like in the RRC?

A: Yes. The lines we’ve chosen to carry — such as Bertch Custom and Bertch Legacy [a semi-custom line] — really cater to our clients’ tastes. And whichever line you chose, you’re getting a quality product. Custom Contracting has years of experience with cabinets, and we’d never sell a cabinet or any other product that we wouldn’t put in our own homes.

Q: What’s the experience like with Custom Contracting vs. a large cabinet showroom?

First of all, you’re going to save money with us. Larger showrooms tend to have huge overhead costs and often add major markups to their prices. Also, they almost always charge retainers ranging from $500 to $2,000 just to start the design process.

Second, you’re going to get better service with us. Showroom salespeople generally work on commission and have to be careful with their time. When I work with you, I don’t have those concerns. And I’m willing to meet days, nights, Saturdays — whatever is most convenient for you.  The amount of time required is different for each client and is not limited.

Q: What’s your role in helping clients select cabinets?

A: Once the client’s project has begun, Bill or Scott will give me a preliminary floor plan of the space being remodeled. I look that over and meet with the client to learn more about their tastes, needs and budget. My role, aside from designing the space, is to educate the client on products they’re considering — and to steer them away from options that for whatever reason wouldn’t work out.

Over the course of a project, the client comes to trust me. In fact, some clients who are really struggling with selections will ask me to make the decision for them!



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