Bathroom Faucets: Faucet Trends & Designs

faucetFaucet trends these past few years have been push two ways: minimalist and utilitarian. While neither sounds like great words, the faucets they reflect are very useful, not always that expensive and last for a long time. Minimalist faucets don’t have any of those really adorned handles or ornamentation, meaning you don’t have to worry about breaks or cracks like you did before. They’re more oriented towards function rather than beauty. Utilitarian faucets are also simple, except for the fact that they extend like those professional faucets in restaurant-style kitchens. Simplicity is becoming the big thing in faucet trends, so you might consider upgrading yours to increase sale value and functionality.

What about design, though? There have been bathrooms in every color in the world, from stark white to basic black. Through it all though, faucets have mostly come in chrome. Chrome is a clean-looking finish and it does, in fact, clean up well. It takes scrubbing that traditional brass couldn’t handle without looking like it had been beaten up with sandpaper.

Just as one size doesn’t fit all, one finish doesn’t fit all. Today’s bath faucets come in some new colors. But the colors themselves aren’t really new unless you consider that these colors are also as durable as the best of the chrome.

Today’s faucets carry lifetime finish guarantees. Moen, which now offers its LifeShine finish on all of its kitchen and bath faucets, offers a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing. The brass-colored finish is strengthened with titanium, one of the strongest metals known.

Brass isn’t the only new color. Bright nickel and a slightly blackened nickel are also popular. White and almond have been around for a while, but frequently these colors come in plastic, which doesn’t hold up to years of bathroom abuse. Today, some companies put an enamel-like finish on solid brass and that finish lasts. Ceramic parts, like the old-fashioned X handles of the turn of the century, are again being used in modern faucets.

The best part about any modern faucet is that the insides are now better than ever before. Many faucets use a ceramic disk as the shut off mechanism. The ceramic is harder than any of the minerals in the water, so unlike rubber parts, it can’t break down and leak.

Author: Jeremy Powers



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