Bathroom Cabinet Trends

Cabinets are considered to have the most impact in a bathroom renovation. “Cabinets affect the look and feel of the entire room,” says Meriam Reed, co-owner of a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise in Naples, Fla. “They pretty much set the tone for your bathroom makeover.”

Educating yourself on the latest bathroom cabinet trends is a great first step to take before committing to a specific design. See today’s hottest trends to help you plan and complete your next bathroom cabinet upgrade with confidence.

Smart Storage

Smart Storage

Similar to a kitchen remodel, using cabinets to add smart storage is key. One of the phrases industry experts are throwing around to describe this trends is now you see it, now you don’t storage. For example, companies are focusing their efforts on cabinets that rotate for easy storage access when open and a clean look when closed.

Get creative with your storage and think about how to expand in different directions, or add laundry and linen storage units. A few other ideas that come to mind are over-the-toilet cabinets, built-in hampers, built-in drawer dividers, open shelving, medicine cabinets, cosmetic trays and closet-like spaces for hanging clothes and ties. Consider building your cabinets upward to maximize the vertical space in your bathroom, and install tall storage units that’ll make the ceilings appear higher. Install attractive features that also keep the order.

Wood Cabinets

Natural Vibes

Sleek, shaker style cabinets are taking over bathrooms like wildfire. So just how prevalent are shaker cabinets? Anthony Maucieri, president of East Hill Cabinetry said that with his clients,“99% of the time, it’s a white painted-wood Shaker door with a square picture and simple recessed center.”

Sleek styles, wood and natural materials are some of the more popular trends lately. A natural vibe creates a sense of peace and calm in the bathroom. More and more homeowners are not only seeing their bathroom as a spot to get ready in the morning, but a place to enjoy a spa-like experience, relax and rejuvenate.

Color Trends

Cues from Mother Nature

Mother Nature is not only good for bringing us beautiful weather, but she’s also responsible for all of the lovely colors we see when we walk outdoors. A few of the hues that Mother Nature does best, and that you should consider using for cabinet paint are, foliage green, misty neutral found in clouds or fog and shades of blue. Gray is another color that’ll create a natural and calm vibe in the room.

Natural, neutral shades and tones are timeless and perfect for illuminating the bathroom and making it look bigger. If you want something more dramatic or eye-catching, then painting your cabinets pure white is a good alternative.

Focus on Design

Homeowners are designing their bathrooms with purpose. While style is important, overall function is getting much more attention that it has in the past. As I covered above, additional storage and organization options are taking center stage. One reason for this trend is that people are staying in their homes longer and, therefore, need more room to store all of their belongings over the years.

Cool and calm colors and décor, freestanding vanities and design continuity are also a few hot trends right now. A new popular practice homeowners are implementing is to match their bathroom cabinetry with the rest of the house. They’re going for a consistent look on the main floor, including matching the bathroom and kitchen cabinets, as well as any built-ins in the living room.

While these ideas are appealing, you may be curious to know that the biggest trend in bathroom design is installing cabinetry that resembles furniture. Focal points, repurposed hutches and vintage dressers transform an ordinary bath into a unique and personalized space.



Interior design is all about how you accessorize. This trend entails adding little touches that go a long way. Several ways to achieve this is by paying attention to and updating your cabinet hardware. If your cabinets are dressed in old brass knobs, then head to the local home improvement store and pick out something more modern. New knobs are a budget-friendly and an easy upgrade that’ll make your cabinets pop.

Installing lighting in and around your cabinets is something you’ll start seeing more of too. The spotlights on lighting design and it’s taking bathrooms to another level! We’re seeing an increase in cabinets with light rails and other forms of built-in illumination.


Remodeling a bathroom or making small updates is important for the resale value and enjoyment of your home. These trends will make you see your bathroom in a whole new light, and I bet you’ll find yourself wanting to spend time there. Whether you’re updating, upgrading or adding new cabinets, keep these trends in mind as you refresh and revitalize your bathroom.




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