Karin D’Angelo, Bookkeeper

Karen has been with us now for over a year as our full charge bookkeeper. Karen has 20+ years of experience working in an account / bookkeeping role. After graduating Merrimack with a phycology degree she ended up working in an office and found she not only enjoyed working with numbers but excelled at it. She went back to school for accounting and the rest is history. Over the years Karen has worked for several different types of companies in addition to running her own business as an independent bookkeeper. With her young son in elementary school, she was ready to move back into a small business setting. “When I interviewed with Custom I could sense it had a family type atmosphere, was impressed with how they did things and thought this would be a good fit for me.”    Karen grew up in Medford, where she continues to live with her husband John and their young son Zachary. She is very involved in supporting her sons school, St., Joe’s, and in her spare times likes to read and travel.