6 Key Home Repairs That Can’t Wait Till Next Year

Fall means many things to many people. Some look forward to football season. Others relish apples and pumpkins and all the other autumn harvest delights. However, if you’re a homeowner, the end of summer means one thing only—getting ready for the frigid temperatures and severe storms looming on the not-so-distant horizon. True, most home maintenance chores don’t come with a ticking clock. But for a special minority of time-sensitive tasks, it’s wise to act sooner rather than later, not least because winter weather can work to worsen existing damage, making future repairs all the more difficult (if not flat-out impossible). Seize the moment: The time is now to brace your home for the rigors of winter with innovative repair products from industry leaders like CTS Cement | Rapid Set. Click through for tips and tricks on dealing with six common problem areas that may need your attention, not next year, but right now!

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  1. Swimming Pool Deck


    Closing down the pool—it’s nobody’s favorite seasonal rite, but you can make the process more productive by inspecting your concrete pool deck as part of the job. Though prized for its durability, concrete isn’t invincible. With hard use and weather exposure, the brawny material can develop deep cracks and other structural issues. Worse yet, damaged concrete only deteriorates more over the winter, so take some time now to intervene. Repair products like Rapid Set Cement All make it easy to do so. Three times stronger than the average concrete, Cement All sets faster, too, enabling you to give your pool deck a new lease on life much more quickly than you might have thought possible.

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  2. Stucco Exterior Siding


    Stucco continues to reign as a top siding material, largely because it stands up well to the elements without requiring much upkeep in return. That said, gradually over time, it’s common for stucco to develop cracks and gouges that not only leave the home vulnerable to icy, uncomfortable drafts, but also invite in moisture—along with mold, rot, and other moisture-related problems. Take action quickly to fix damaged areas with Rapid Set Stucco Patch. Formulated to adhere admirably well to pre-existing stucco, non-shrink, crack-resistant Stucco Patch stands out most of all because it allows for same-day results—believe it or not, you can paint over the product just two hours after applying it.

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  3. Concrete Foundation


    Few homeowners think twice about the foundation. But as even minor imperfections here can lead to major problems down the line or even in the near term, it’s wise to inspect your home’s foundation twice a year. Look for any cracks that could allow moisture or pests indoors, and seal any you find with versatile Rapid Set Mortar Mix. Why? Foundation gaps don’t heal themselves; they worsen with each passing winter. If you neglect the foundation for long enough, you may even find yourself facing the sort of complex structural issues that cost a fortune to remedy. In other words, it pays to be proactive, and with Rapid Set Mortar Mix, foundation fixes no longer have to be time-consuming or labor-intensive.

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  4. Drywall


    How many times have you walked past a damaged wall in your home, promising you’ll make time to fix it tomorrow or over the weekend? Now, with the winter holidays peeking over the horizon, you’re running out of excuses. Delay no more and, at long last, get it done. When you’re finished, you may even chide yourself for having waited so long in the first place. After all, it’s an easy fix—especially if you equip yourself with Rapid Set One Pass, a wall repair material that dramatically simplifies the process. Other products must be applied in a tedious step-by-step, with multiple layers that each need time to dry. One Pass, on the other hand, goes on in a single application. Even better, instead of waiting a full 24 hours to sand and paint, One Pass lets you do so after only 90 minutes, so you can move on quickly to the next item on your to-do list.

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  5. Brick Stairs and Walkways


    It can be downright dangerous to navigate a compromised brick walkway or set of stairs at any time, but never more so than in snowy and icy conditions. Additionally, with the wrath of winter on the way, you can expect even more bricks to come loose as a consequence of failing mortar. For the safety of your family members and visitors, therefore, it’s imperative to use a repair compound like Rapid Set Mortar Mix to shore up the installation. Don’t worry: This is far from a major undertaking. The work isn’t likely to take you more than an afternoon. In fact, you can return to full use of the walkway or stairs in just an hour—that’s how rapidly this easy-to-use mortar mix sets.

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  6. Driveway


    Between vehicle traffic and weather exposure, your concrete driveway undergoes a lot of stress. If yours has begun to show signs of wear, whether in the form of staining, flaking, or crazing (tiny, spider web-like cracks), be aware that you can eliminate any such cosmetic imperfections with a resurfacer like Rapid Set Newcrete. Resurfacers spread out over the old concrete, creating a pristine, like-new surface that improves both the aesthetic appeal and the longevity of your driveway. The best part? With NewCrete, there’s no complex curing process. In fact, the product cures all on its own, and blazingly fast—you can drive on your good-as-new driveway in just 24 hours.

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