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4 Great Home Decorating Advice From the Experts

It is important to keep your living space well-maintained and suitably decorated to have a good lifestyle. Furthermore, should you decide to move to another house and sell your current one in the future, a well-designed home will fetch you a much better price. There are many home improvements that you can carry out to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.


Some projects require a lot of time and money, making it an arduous project, which is why many people shy away from home improvements. However, you can also upgrade your living space according to the time and budget you have. Here are some must-know advice on home improvements from the experts.


Adequate lighting in the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house and many potential buyers might base their decision to put in an offer or not by looking at your bathroom. Therefore, one of the easiest yet essential upgrades you can have for your bathroom is to have an adequate lighting system.

lighting in the bathroom

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Recessed lighting should be installed above the vanity so you can efficiently do your grooming. Make-up lights should flank your mirror to eliminate shadows and either a pendant light or chandelier should hang below the ceiling for a soft, evenly distributed illumination. The bathroom is not just a place for carrying out functional activities, but it can also be a place to unwind after a long day at work. Therefore, an appropriate system of different lights should be installed when various activities are carried out in the bathroom.


Have the correct length for your curtains. Curtains are excellent window treatments. They not only block out unwanted lights or maintain your privacy but also can be a decorative feature in any room. However, a curtain that is in the wrong length would be an eye-sore instead. The curtains should break exactly like the cuffs on a pair of pants. If they are too long, the extra fabric will gather clumsily in a pile on the floor. If they are too short, they will look rather awkward in the room.


But do not worry as there are ways to adjust the length of curtains. You can extend the length of short curtains by adding an extra panel of fabric or for drapes that are too long, merely cut off the extra fabric and re-hem them.


Get your dining chairs right. It goes without saying that your dining chairs not only need to look good but also be comfortable too. If the chairs are not pleasant to sit in, family members or guests will not be able to enjoy their meals. You should make sure that you have at least eight dining chairs to accommodate enough people. However, you should never have more than 12 chairs or your dining room would then look like a conference room and lose its welcoming charm.

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Furthermore, there must be sufficient space behind the chairs (at least 36 inches) so that you may pull the chairs out and slip into the seats easily. If you have a rug, it should also extend at least the same distance beyond the table.


Enhance your sleeping experience. Your bed is perhaps one of the most important pieces of furniture in your house. The experience of your bed is just as important as its appearance. The first thing to consider is your mattress. It needs to be customized or adjusted to fit you perfectly.


Soft mattresses are often more comfortable but might not be good for people with back problems. Your bed should be roughly 30 inches high and be fitted with the best linen that you can afford. Depending on the size of your bed, there should also be an adequate amount of pillows on it, but not too many or your bed will look cluttered.

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With these simple but crucial advice, you can make your home look like it has been professionally designed. Sometimes, small details can result in significant changes. You just need to know which are the right things to alter.

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