Small Bathroom Design Ideas

17 Tiny Bathrooms We Love

While they’re short on space, these small bathrooms make the most of their size with interesting designs, features and storage solutions.

By Cody Calamaio


  • Water Closet


    This bathroom takes advantage of the oft-forgotten extra space under the stairs. The cozy half-bath all but disappears when the door is shut. Classic subway tiles and bold graphic wallpaper create an elegant visual effect.


  • Room to Think


    This narrow bathroom proves that even the tiniest functional spaces can exude style. Its geometric, Mondrian-inspired wall tiles create an eye-catching mid-century design. The claw-foot soaking tub adds an additional splash of personality.



  • Going Bold

    Tiny bathroom momspark

    Who says a tiny bath can’t make a large statement? Despite its tight quarters, this small loo is given a decidedly decorative lift with its two-toned whale-patterned wallpaper. While you might think that dark colors make a room appear smaller, they actually can take the focus off its size and onto far more interesting design elements.


  • Transitional Tile


    This bathroom is mostly unadorned, apart from one striking design element—the tile. The black linear tile ascends from the floor up the back wall of the shower, creating a streamlined, modern look.


  • Nooks and Crannies


    Tiny bathrooms need an extra dose of creative planning, and dead wall space beside—or above—the toilet should not go to waste. Add several narrow shelves to maximize your storage options. Secure wall brackets to mount traditional shelves or consider floating shelves for a sleeker look.


  • Mirrors, Mirrors on the Walls


    For a very narrow bathroom, add a mirror to the tub’s built-in side panel to make it appear larger. Keep other décor to a minimum to avoid muddling the effect.


  • Stretch Out


    In a small bathroom, every inch matters. This vanity stretches all the way to the edge of the tub, making the most of available wall space to create the largest countertop possible.


  • Bold and Beautiful


    This stunning, two-toned bathroom features black-painted moldings and trim, which accentuates the room’s distinct features. The slate-colored soaking tub creates an elegant focal point.


  • Stacks of Storage


    Small bathrooms can easily look cluttered, so having good storage is extra critical. Stay organized by adding mounted wall shelves and tall, freestanding units that maximize the height of the room.


  • Framed!


    One creative and easy way to make a cozy bathroom feel bigger is to add a dramatic built-in shelf unit next to—or around—the door. This does more than maximize storage space in an area that’s usually left untouched; it also draws your eyes upward to make the room feel larger.


  • Put a Lid on It


    Toilets often can look like a clunky eyesore in a small bathroom. Building a simple custom shelf over the top of the toilet adds an eye-catching design element, lessening the focus on the porcelain throne while adding an extra spot to showcase crafts or collectibles.


  • All-In-One Awesome


    The shower is incorporated right into the greater overall space in this diminutive bathroom. White 1×1 inch tile is used on both the floor and walls throughout to bring it all together, while a dark wood counter, bath mat and toilet seat bring warmth to the room.

    Photo: Apartment Therapy

  • Terrific Toile


    Pink toile creates a bold counterpoint to white subway tile, and a focal point for the eye to rest on at the end of this narrow bathroom. A bold striped rug and bright coordinating towels help to pull it all together with a fresh and updated look.

    Photo: Freshome

  • Slanted Ceiling


    The space under a slanted ceiling can be well-utilized for a bath tub. A structural beam in this bathroom is painted black to match the tub surround and floor, making them feel like a cohesive unit. White walls and shelves lighten and brighten the space, making it feel bigger than it is.

    Photo: Apartment Therapy

  • Overhead Storage


    This narrow bathroom utilizes its high ceiling well with a chrome shelf overhead for towel storage. A porthole styled mirror and uber-slim sink compliment it on the opposite wall. Bright burnt orange walls make a bold contrast to the white tile, fixtures and shower curtain.

    Photo: Decoist

  • Corner Sink Cuteness


    A tiny corner sink with a rounded cabinet make this small bathroom possible. Painted white, it blends right into the surrounding wainscoting. A bright pop of blue on the walls above gives the room character and serves as a great backdrop for its featured artwork.

    Photo: Roomsdecorating

  • Underground Glamour


    A small basement bathroom doesn’t have to been drab and dreary. The painted exposed brick in this room serves as backdrop to a photo gallery. An elegant black mirror and light fixture frame a small sink skirted in a bold coordinating fabric making this subterranean loo seriously glam.


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